Did you catch it? I missed it live, but managed to catch it on YouTube.


After the promise of a total mess, I was a little disappointed! Same old rhetoric, planned questions, planned answers… the actual debate part was the most interesting.

So we’ve got Labour blaming the Tories (and looking into the camera to make sure it looks like Ed is talking to YOU *shudder*), the Tories blaming Labour (making sure we know that the plan is “working” – not for the average punter, mind), the Libs sitting on the fence (fancy that!), and Farage being a racist. All fairly standard.

The women seemed to come off as the most credible – and the main thing to take away from this is that Scotland will be a friend to the progressive left in England.

My heart goes out to Natalie Bennet’s sincere plea for votes. I want more passion like that in politics.

If you want change – GO VOTE. If you don’t, the fascists certainly will.

Register by clicking HERE. BEFORE APRIL 20th 2015

For an excellent reason to vote, click HERE. Your vote WILL COUNT.

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