“Stand Up & Be Recognised!” played on Amazing Radio | 6th July 2015

Simon Raymonde seems to like my music (or his producer does, at least) as “Stand Up & Be Recognised!” was featured on his Amazing Radio show on Monday.

If you remember, Simon gave me my first radio airplay with “Empowerful Strut – WYSIWYG” on the same show in April.

You can listen to the show on Simon’s Amazing Radio page, or click here to jump straight to the part of the show where the song is played, around 4:30.

 The cool thing about Amazing Radio is that it’s for unsigned artists, and if a track gets a lot of attention on Amazing Tunes then it’s more likely to get radio play. So, you can find all my music at amazingtunes.com/funkmasta, and whilst you’re discovering your new favourite band you can give my stuff a ‘like’ or playlist it and I might get played again – I reckon it sounds much better squashed through the radio compressor!

Let me know what you think, leave a comment or message me on Twitter or Facebook.

“Empowerful Strut” played on Amazing Radio! Monday 23rd March

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

– Lao-tzu

I’m excited to announce that the 3rd track of my debut EP “Empowerful Strut – WYSIWYG” received it’s first airplay on Amazing Radio – available on DAB in London and Dublin, and streamed online – a digital station created to broadcast new unsigned artists from a pool of material uploaded to their Amazing Tunes platform.

The track was featured on The Simon Raymonde Show yesterday (who was in Cocteau Twins, no less!), and you can listen again here (my track appears around the 1:20 mark – but there’s an excellent selection of tunage across the board, which I will certainly be investigating!).

This is my first official Wilsoni radio play, so I’m pretty chuffed. 😀