*UPDATED* Gil Scott-Heron: the revolution lives on | Music | The Guardian

Political activist, rap pioneer and poet Gil Scott-Heron shaped the sound of today. His friends and famous fans on why he still matters

Source: Gil Scott-Heron: the revolution lives on | Music | The Guardian

*UPDATE* – My anecdote about the time I saw Gil at the Royal Festival Hall (and the Tel Aviv situation) has been clarified by performance-poet and musician Abdul Malik Al-Nasir, who had a close relationship with Gil and toured with him. See the comment below.

Thanks Malik!

This article is off the back of a tribute concert that’s happening in Liverpool tonight. I wish I could go, the line-up looks great.

Gil is probably one of my biggest influences. I was lucky enough to see him at the Royal Festival Hall on the Southbank when he was touring for the I’m New Here record. I remember there were some pro-Palestine people protesting outside, as he was billed as playing a gig in Israel later on in the tour and this was seen as a hypocrisy off the back of Gil campaigning against apartheid South Africa. One of the protesters came into the gig halfway through and started shouting at him. Gil didn’t break a sweat. “How would you like it if I came up to you and started shouting at you when you were doing your job?!” he quipped. At the end of the concert, he said that they would cancel the Tel Aviv gig.

A man of principles, a musical legend. Funny, too.

Here’s one of my picks. When I found out he died, I went and got a copy of this record.

Jeremy Corbyn: Socialism DOES Work | Oxford Union

Now I will start this post by stating that I’m not a Labour man – they’ve gone too far-Right in a shallow attempt to woo the electorate in recent years to have my vote (why have a party in power without a mandate for change?). But if Corbyn gets it, I might consider it!

Here in an impassioned debate at the Oxford Union in 2013, Corbyn seems to represent the actual core values of the Left – progress, tolerance, equality… y’know, all that good stuff. Makes me excited that these ideals are gaining more traction in the mainstream, and that this might mean something positive in the future!

He’s definitely my pick for the leadership. If you’re in the UK and unionised (I’m looking at you, MU Members!), make sure you head over here to register as a supporter and give yourself a chance to vote!

UK Election: Leader’s Debate (Sky News)

Did you catch it? I missed it live, but managed to catch it on YouTube.


After the promise of a total mess, I was a little disappointed! Same old rhetoric, planned questions, planned answers… the actual debate part was the most interesting.

So we’ve got Labour blaming the Tories (and looking into the camera to make sure it looks like Ed is talking to YOU *shudder*), the Tories blaming Labour (making sure we know that the plan is “working” – not for the average punter, mind), the Libs sitting on the fence (fancy that!), and Farage being a racist. All fairly standard.

The women seemed to come off as the most credible – and the main thing to take away from this is that Scotland will be a friend to the progressive left in England.

My heart goes out to Natalie Bennet’s sincere plea for votes. I want more passion like that in politics.

If you want change – GO VOTE. If you don’t, the fascists certainly will.

Register by clicking HERE. BEFORE APRIL 20th 2015

For an excellent reason to vote, click HERE. Your vote WILL COUNT.