Brainfeeder at the Bowl: A roundtable discussion with George Clinton, Flying Lotus and Thundercat – LA Times

Mikael Wood talks with George Clinton, Flying Lotus and Thundercat — funk visionaries from different generations — ahead of their joint Sept. 17 concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

Source: Brainfeeder at the Bowl: A roundtable discussion with George Clinton, Flying Lotus and Thundercat – LA Times

Perhaps telling of my taste or opinion of the contemporary music landscape, but this meeting of minds is the thing I’m genuinely most excited about in 2017. Not only are FlyLo and Thundercat relative vanguards of trans-genre impressionistic creative output, but they are carrying on the legacy under the guidance of one of the people who laid the gauntlet down in the first place – which once again singles out GC as a visionary.

Props where props are due! Keeping it locked for the new album.

WOKE = FlyLo x Thundercat x Shabazz Palaces (+ George Clinton) | Prog-Soul Supergroup | The Fader

“Lavishments” comes together around a deep bass groove and a staggered hand-clap

via The Fader:

To call the coming together of this lot a “Supergroup” is something of a misnomer, as it’s hardly the first time they’ve worked together, but then again perhaps it is an accurate description of the level of potential energy on offer. In the official coming together of  Flying Lotus, Thundercat and Shabazz Palaces as WOKE, the gang could be seen with reference to featured regular Grand Old Man George Clinton as a future-Funkadelic in terms of the accumulating of musicians, experimentation and the openness to cross-contamination on each other’s output.

This single is 17 of 19 singles from Adult Swim, which helped break FlyLo using his instrumentals for their ad break seagues. Check out their other annual singles collections all the way back to 2010, which contain some equally tasty breaks and moods to sit inside.

I think it’s great to have such interesting cats around these days – playing such progressive music but also paying homage to the progenitors and the roots of Soul Music (as an umbrella). Plus they’re crazy, on-the-level people to boot. Also – I have no idea why Adult Swim has such a big involvement in pushing stuff like this but I’m not complaining – the programming block is how I discovered both FlyLo and Trigun. Which shouldn’t make sense, but has happened.

Flying Lotus/Kendrick Lamar – Eyes Above (Unreleased)


You’re Dead! was pretty much one of the only records I actually got last year – and in terms of FlyLo’s Jazz-Fusion-Electronic-Spirit-Quest it’s out there, man! Super cool, super trippy (check that artwork!). The Kendrick Lamar collab got a lot of press when it dropped originally (for good reason) but I’m quite excited to find this unreleased cut. You can’t usually have too much of a good thing!


What’s good, people? Wilsoni Tha’ Funk Masta here, bringing an injection for the Funk Junkies:

Since the new Kendrick record is getting suitably hyped by everyone from Gilles Peterson to Time Magazine at the moment, I thought it would be pertinent to post something reasonably relevant for a change!

My choice cut is the opener – and what a tune! Produced by FlyLo and subsequently featuring his right-hand virtuoso bass freak Thundercat, in full Bootsy mode to compliment George Clinton in the wings, this is Funkadelic fresh with a supermodern stomp on it (and a Dave Chappelle reference to boot!).

I will put my hand up and say I missed the whole Kendrick Lamar buzz (apparently my head’s been under a rock or something) but from the sounds of this record I’ve been missing out BIG TIME – the cat is sho’ nuff Funky!

N.B. – Check out the handclaps on “Complexion (A Zulu Love) – #thatswhatImtalkingabout

The album was kept schtum for a while, leaked last week and is available to stream now – as if you didn’t know it just broke the streaming record! – or buy from iTunes.