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OK – so I get that some folks may feel that this blog is getting a bit Dâm-Funk heavy these days. But on some level it could be argued that he’s one of the only contemporary cats actually presenting himself as a straight-up legit Funk artist at the moment – so you gotta show the brother some love! Plus, the man has impeccable taste, as highlighted by this foray into his personal record collection recorded for Boiler Room in July and released yesterday.

Some of these jams are PURE DOPE – further cementing my view of Dâm as a Funk Masta himself – and features relatively obscure cuts from Vanity 6, Johnny “Guitar” Watson, Oliver Cheatham and a host of undug jems.

If you’re like me and prefer your mixtapes a little more portable, you can grab a copy of Dâm’s 2008 Stones Throw Podcast from here, free with any purchase from the label (so good that I might have to give it a post of its own!). So whilst your there, maybe consider pre-ordering Dâm’s new serving of Funk fo’ yo’ platter, Invite the Light – a triple LP set that’s shaping up to be real nice.

Snoop Dogg – Peaches N Cream [Bush – 2015]

Snoopy’s back with a new offering, post 7 Days of Funk. (For those disparaging the Snoop Lion thang – yes, I know. But it seems he’s still switching personas, and he’s done that for years. See?)

Even though he seems more comfortable as Snoopzilla of late (is he actually Bootsy Collins’ nephew?), from what I’ve heard of the new record Bush – featuring production from The Neptunes – it’s confusing. Gap Band’s Charlie Wilson, sure – they’ve got history together, but what’s Stevie doing on California Roll?

But whatever – this cut’s Funky!

“I Just Want to Go Further” — An Interview with Dam-Funk | Passion of the Weiss

Currently on tour with 70s psych-pop star Todd Rundgren, Dam-Funk talks about how it came together, his favorite unsung musicians, and selects some of his favorite Rundgren cuts. #damfunk #interviewdamfunk #interviewtoddrundgren

Source: “I Just Want to Go Further” — An Interview with Dam-Funk | Passion of the Weiss


Check out this interview with Dam-Funk, once again showing that this brother is DEEP. Not only giving an insight to his motives and progress, he also lists his top 5 cuts from the man he’s currently touring with – Todd Rundgren!

If there’s one thing I like, it’s an eclectic cat.

DāM-FunK Live DJ set at Monarch with Sweater Funk, March 2015

Check out this piece of live ‘wax-only’ goodness from DāM-FunK at San Francisco’s premier Sunday night Boogie spot, Sweater Funk.

DāM-FunK remains one of the most prolific of the new Funk artists on the scene at the moment – and lucky for us, he continues to put out little bites of West-Coast Wildstyle jams for our listening pleasure at fairly regular intervals. Follow him on Twitter for genuine nuggets of personal wisdom and humble truths.

DāM is signed to one of my favourite labels, Stones Throw Records – home to Madlib amongst others.