In light of the media attention attracted by Mr. West recently, I thought I’d post up something great produced by a pre-Yeezus Kanye, and put my two cents in.

So, I’m sure a lot of you are aware of the furore that Kanye headlining Glastonbury has caused? Especially the creation of not one, but two separate petitions (seemingly the closest thing we in the internet age have to actualising change, which is terribly sad imo) – one calling the appointment a travesty of major proportions, the other admittedly less popular one serving to give props to the “lyrical genius of a generation”.

Personally, I don’t really have a strong opinion on the announcement itself (I do remember something similar happening almost every year – particularly concerning Jay-Z (which perhaps says a lot more about the open-mindedness of the average ‘rock fan’?), and whether you like Yeezy or not, I do agree with the late great Lou Reed in thinking that he at least is one of the few remaining people in modern pop music to court controversy in trying to do something vaguely unexpected. At any rate, the Eavis clan have already effectively swept the issue to the side with their statement.

However, I will pose this angle on the situation;

Surely we all know by now that Kanye West isn’t exactly one to sit down and take things lightly? The only thing people can GUARANTEE from this petition is some sort of extremely vocal, borderline pretentious and perceptibly arrogant response (as if I need to remind you!).

So, the best thing to do would be to let him get on with it – perhaps even shower a little (perhaps justified?) praise – and minimalise the inevitable sanctimonious shitstorm that is now upon us!

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