What’s good, people? Wilsoni Tha’ Funk Masta here, bringing an injection for the Funk Junkies:

Since the new Kendrick record is getting suitably hyped by everyone from Gilles Peterson to Time Magazine at the moment, I thought it would be pertinent to post something reasonably relevant for a change!

My choice cut is the opener – and what a tune! Produced by FlyLo and subsequently featuring his right-hand virtuoso bass freak Thundercat, in full Bootsy mode to compliment George Clinton in the wings, this is Funkadelic fresh with a supermodern stomp on it (and a Dave Chappelle reference to boot!).

I will put my hand up and say I missed the whole Kendrick Lamar buzz (apparently my head’s been under a rock or something) but from the sounds of this record I’ve been missing out BIG TIME – the cat is sho’ nuff Funky!

N.B. – Check out the handclaps on “Complexion (A Zulu Love) – #thatswhatImtalkingabout

The album was kept schtum for a while, leaked last week and is available to stream now – as if you didn’t know it just broke the streaming record! – or buy from iTunes.

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