Russell Brand’s Media Spotlight | The Trews

The conclusion video on The Trews wraps up Election Week in a nice little bundle… WITH A SURPRISE TWIST!!!

With this in mind, take a look at this explanation of the last-minute turnaround.

I don’t support New Labour – the behaviour of Red Ed is indicative of the towing of the party line above an actual rational conversation that Labour represent (as with the other parties), just listen to the repetitive rhetoric and learned responses/actions across interviews (“Look/Let me tell you why/This is what I think”).

Russell has consistently had increasingly good and relevant points the more he’s learned over the past year – but I just feel he’s got a little over-keen and been swayed by Miliband  in politician mode, adding extra meaning to what he’s said in interview rather than reading between the lines.

The message is clear and true – “Vote Labour to get rid of the Tories”. But I wouldn’t bet on anything else without major political reform, which Labour are quite strongly against (why change a system that lets you stay in power? Have we forgotten about the Scottish Referendum?)

Here’s a link to his chat with the Greens, who he’s clearly onboard with:

Russell Brand interviews the Green Party



George Clinton & P-Funk Live on Jools Holland | BBC Two

I don’t know if you managed to catch Jools last night?

In recent years, the show’s become something of a shadow of its former self (in my opinion) – just another stop on the promo circuit. I wonder if it’s something to do with BBC pressure, I get the impression Jools has less of a hand in selecting acts for the show. The result seems to be less eclectic, unknown and international artists, slightly more formulaic; 2 rock/pop acts who 10 years ago would have no place on Jools, one left-of-centre-yet-safeish pick usually hyped by the music press, one acoustic singer/songwriter doing that type of thing, one old ‘legend’, and one ‘world’ act. NB – there is a possibility that it was always like this, and I’m just more cynical now. Just seems like the choices are less inspired these days. A sign ‘o’ the times?

Let’s ignore Mumford’s blatant and uninspired re-brand (from cliché faux-country bumpkins to cliché faux-rockers, exact same songs!) and focus on GC. They sure have a hard time containing themselves into their allocated slot! It’s hard fitting several P-Funk classics into 4 minutes – especially on top of each other, but messy as it is the set was probably the most bombastic thing on the show by far.

As much as I love having (and repeatedly missing!) the opportunity to see P-Funk live in London every year, it is a little sad that (what I interpret as) George’s necessity to tour out of unpaid royalties, and subsequently he’s constantly promoting something. But perhaps he’s just never lost the love for it.



Don Letts Record Box | John Peel Record Boxes – The Space

In the third of our series of Record Boxes commissioned by The Space, Don Letts tells the unlikely story of how rebels from opposite sides of the globe became bedfellows, inspiring the last true musical counter-culture of our age.

– read the full article @

Don Letts. What an absolute legend.

If you’re otherwise uninitiated, let me hit you with the skinny – the BBC and Arts Council England set up a digital commissioning and development organisation called ‘The Space‘. One of the more notable things this fund has curated is digitally archiving the late great John Peel‘s record collection for reference. Which, obviously, is amazing.

In the third edition of the John Peel Record Box series, veteran film-making Rasta-Punk DJ Don Letts takes his picks from the fruit of Peel’s well-kept musical garden and gives some context to the importance of the culture and music of the time. briefly touching on Dub Mixing, British race identity in post-war society and meeting Bob Marley through their “mutual love of a certain plant”. Dig it, and click the link above to read about his full list of picks.

UK Election: Opposition Debate (BBC)

So – who caught the BBC Opposition Leader’s Debate on Thursday? I’m always up for a bit of Tory-bashing!

David Cameron’s absence was noted and welcomed, not only was he unable to ‘defend’ the Coalition record over the last 5 years, but also gave the leaders a chance to go between each other on valid points raised with a minimum of Left-vs-Right point scoring.

I don’t know if it’s the #millifandom buzz, but even Red Ed came off as slightly more coherent and impassioned – although we still get too much “Look,/Here’s what I think/Let me tell you why” looking at the camera to make sure he addresses the ‘voting public’ (a bit rude to the audience, no?) and some party-line rhetoric that reminds me of a doting Dauphin who’s come up through rigorous training on how to present oneself ‘properly’ as a politician. The whole “Debate me (if you think you’re hard enough)” shtick was cringe – seems even spin doctors are out of touch, who thought that would make him more relate-able?

The less said about Farage, the better. The scaremongering was addressed and mocked accordingly – and who would actually press ‘the button’ and drop the bomb? The overwhelming impression left was one of Common Sense, and once again the women on the panel come off as the most genuine, impassioned and pragmatic – dealing with problems and raised questions with valid points and solutions. What’s even more encouraging is the active acknowledgement that not one party will win an overall majority, and the extent that (almost) all the parties are willing to work together on common ground.

I hope you’ve all registered, UK Massive!

UK Election: Leader’s Debate (Sky News)

Did you catch it? I missed it live, but managed to catch it on YouTube.


After the promise of a total mess, I was a little disappointed! Same old rhetoric, planned questions, planned answers… the actual debate part was the most interesting.

So we’ve got Labour blaming the Tories (and looking into the camera to make sure it looks like Ed is talking to YOU *shudder*), the Tories blaming Labour (making sure we know that the plan is “working” – not for the average punter, mind), the Libs sitting on the fence (fancy that!), and Farage being a racist. All fairly standard.

The women seemed to come off as the most credible – and the main thing to take away from this is that Scotland will be a friend to the progressive left in England.

My heart goes out to Natalie Bennet’s sincere plea for votes. I want more passion like that in politics.

If you want change – GO VOTE. If you don’t, the fascists certainly will.

Register by clicking HERE. BEFORE APRIL 20th 2015

For an excellent reason to vote, click HERE. Your vote WILL COUNT.

Tribeca Exclusive: Trailer For Noam Chomsky Documentary | The Playlist

via The Playlist

The word ‘legend’ gets bandied about quite a bit (especially by me) but Noam Chomsky is certainly a man worthy of the title – he is to left-wing thought what James Brown is to Hip-Hop.

Here’s a trailer for a new documentary directed by Peter Hutchison, Kelly Nyks, and Jared P. Scott, funded by Kickstarter and shot over 4 years with interviews from the man himself, providing a consistent and convincing narrative of the widening inequality gap undermining the basic principles of Democracy in America. I’m still waiting for a British equivalent… but any progressive ideas are worth spreading.

The film is set to premier at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival on April 18th.

Kanye West – Don’t Feed the Troll!



In light of the media attention attracted by Mr. West recently, I thought I’d post up something great produced by a pre-Yeezus Kanye, and put my two cents in.

So, I’m sure a lot of you are aware of the furore that Kanye headlining Glastonbury has caused? Especially the creation of not one, but two separate petitions (seemingly the closest thing we in the internet age have to actualising change, which is terribly sad imo) – one calling the appointment a travesty of major proportions, the other admittedly less popular one serving to give props to the “lyrical genius of a generation”.

Personally, I don’t really have a strong opinion on the announcement itself (I do remember something similar happening almost every year – particularly concerning Jay-Z (which perhaps says a lot more about the open-mindedness of the average ‘rock fan’?), and whether you like Yeezy or not, I do agree with the late great Lou Reed in thinking that he at least is one of the few remaining people in modern pop music to court controversy in trying to do something vaguely unexpected. At any rate, the Eavis clan have already effectively swept the issue to the side with their statement.

However, I will pose this angle on the situation;

Surely we all know by now that Kanye West isn’t exactly one to sit down and take things lightly? The only thing people can GUARANTEE from this petition is some sort of extremely vocal, borderline pretentious and perceptibly arrogant response (as if I need to remind you!).

So, the best thing to do would be to let him get on with it – perhaps even shower a little (perhaps justified?) praise – and minimalise the inevitable sanctimonious shitstorm that is now upon us!