Dâm-Funk speaks ‘from the gut’ | The Martlet

It’s overdue for funk music and everything related to it to have some respect now. We’ve come a long way from the rainbow Afros and platform shoes. It’s time to take this music more seriously without taking ourselves too seriously

Source: The Martlet Dâm-Funk speaks ‘from the gut’

Man… I read this article and saw a kindred spirit. One of the only peeps from  the nu-skool that’s reppin’ The Funk.


Gives me hope!

George Clinton Spent 3M & Refuses To Stop Fight With Record Labels | iloveoldschoolmusic.com

George “P-Funk” Clinton is naming names and not taking any prisoners! He said that he’s tired of record labels collectively plotting their conspiracy against him

Source: George Clinton Spent 3M & Refuses To Stop Fight With Record Labels

Just an update on GC’s copyright situation. I didn’t know he was a crackhead back in the day, but it does make a lot of sense! He’ll always be the Jesus of the Church of The Funk, glad to see he’s well.

Mo’ Power to ya, George!

Public Enemy Takeover | Soho Radio

Public Enemy Takeover – Chuck D & DJ Lord (13/07/2015) by Soho Radio on Mixcloud

I’m only just starting to listen to it, but it’s BAAAAD y’all! This is some hype you can believe! So far it’s Chuck rappin over DJ Lord cutting James Brown jams – this makes me happy! 😀

Heads up for the brand new Man Plans God Laughs record that PE just dropped yesterday.

Is Transparency The Music Industry’s Next Battle? | The Record : NPR

The issue of how much musicians theoretically earn from their work has moved out of the trade press and into social media’s trending topics recently… In the background of these debates is the question of whether songwriters and performers are actually getting all the money they’re owed.

Source: Is Transparency The Music Industry’s Next Battle? : The Record : NPR

How many of you folks use Spotify on the regular? Do you buy music anywhere, in any form? I’m not trying to preach – as a musician I’m obviously pro-music – but I’m also hugely pro-credit. It’s a tough argument – most artists need to treat their craft as a full-time job in order to progress and develop as an artist, and in that sense you can’t work for free. However, it did occur to me that most people aren’t actually aware how the streaming system actually works, so I thought I’d help break it down:

Here’s a link from Spotify’s website, detailing their payment model. Looks nice, but it’s actually more like this, along with al the other online distributors.

How do you feel about it?

We’re out of the age of the multi-million dollar Music Industry signing 10 acts on the chance they’ll make it all back on one. But it seems now we’ve gone in the other direction, and the only people still coming out on top are the guys with all the cash.

OKP Films: Questlove in Cuba Okayplayer

Quest For Cuba! OKP TV follows Questlove on a 1-man mission of DJ goodwill to Havana as The Roots drummer promotes cultural exchange, cratedigger style.

Source: OKP Films: Questlove in Cuba Okayplayer


?uestlove – the general International Ambassador for The Funk and Good Vibes – spent some time in Cuba recently as part of his online outpost OkayPlayer, doing a bit of digging and exchanging some cultural notes. It seems that some of the Cuban sensibilities appeal to the Hip-Hop ethos, and make an impression on Quest. I hope Los Cubanos are able to retain their own Roots in the new era.

Prince To Release New Song “Baltimore” Via Tidal, Teams With Live Nation For “Rally 4 Peace” Concert – hypebot

There is a long and mixed history of musicians taking stands, writing songs and doing concerts to support causes. But it really is news when the usually reclusive and apolitical Prince pens a new tune and schedules a benefit concert in reaction to the recent unrest in Baltimore.

Source: Prince To Release New Song “Baltimore” Via Tidal, Teams With Live Nation For “Rally 4 Peace” Concert – hypebot

While we’ve been foaming at the mouth in the UK over the General Election hype, a much darker story has been unfolding across the pond. I can’t believe the blatant corruption and seemingly institutional racism at work in the 21st Century.

I haven’t heard the song yet, but even though it’s not the first time His Royal Badness has done benefit concerts, this is surely a most deserving and righteous cause to rally towards.

▶ BBC Radio 4 – Feel the Chant: The Brit Funk Story

David Grant revisits a unique era in British music when jazz funk exploded onto the scene.

Source: ▶ BBC Radio 4 – Feel the Chant: The Brit Funk Story  – CLICK HERE AND LISTEN


I had no idea David Grant (the vocal coach from Fame Academy – remember that?!) was in Linx in the ’80s? Given me more respect for him!

He did a half-hour piece on the Brit-Funk scene about 2 years ago that I’ve just stumbled across – including interviews with the folk who were there, such as Mark “Snowboy” Cotgrove. Get yourself educated! This is one of the main reasons I moved down to London in the first place.

Now, if we can work on bringing it back… 😀