Snoop Dogg – Peaches N Cream [Bush – 2015]

Snoopy’s back with a new offering, post 7 Days of Funk. (For those disparaging the Snoop Lion thang – yes, I know. But it seems he’s still switching personas, and he’s done that for years. See?)

Even though he seems more comfortable as Snoopzilla of late (is he actually Bootsy Collins’ nephew?), from what I’ve heard of the new record Bush – featuring production from The Neptunes – it’s confusing. Gap Band’s Charlie Wilson, sure – they’ve got history together, but what’s Stevie doing on California Roll?

But whatever – this cut’s Funky!

Prince – Baltimore (feat. Eryn Allen Kane) | New song for the Riots Benefit

Yesterday, I posted about the benefit His Royal Badness was hosting in Baltimore in tribute of the injustice suffered by the community over there, an mentioned the impending release of a new tune to mark the occasion. Here’s the song.

I have to say, even this is Prince on auto-pilot as he does these days (apparently, the track was written, performed and recorded in a burst of inspiration when he was alone in Paisley Park’s Studio A, and everything was transferred to Studio B the next day and mixed down), this track is pretty special. He manages to capture the weight of the situation whilst still keeping it nice and breezy. Really nice, uplifting track.

Of course, my heart goes out to the losses people have suffered. The Struggle Continues.

Stand Up & Be Recognised! EP (Pt. 1) OUT NOW!!!

Today is May Day – International Workers Day, and next week in the UK on May 7th we have a neck-and-neck bitterly fought Election coming up.

With that in mind, I urge people to STAND UP & BE RECOGNISED!


This song was written in outrage at the circumstances surrounding the result of the last election in 2010 – and things have since got worse! Share if you believe, share if you agree – share if you’re angry!

Available now from Bandcamp, and most major digital distributors imminently. Expect Pt. 2 of this EP in the next few weeks…

George Clinton & P-Funk Live on Jools Holland | BBC Two

I don’t know if you managed to catch Jools last night?

In recent years, the show’s become something of a shadow of its former self (in my opinion) – just another stop on the promo circuit. I wonder if it’s something to do with BBC pressure, I get the impression Jools has less of a hand in selecting acts for the show. The result seems to be less eclectic, unknown and international artists, slightly more formulaic; 2 rock/pop acts who 10 years ago would have no place on Jools, one left-of-centre-yet-safeish pick usually hyped by the music press, one acoustic singer/songwriter doing that type of thing, one old ‘legend’, and one ‘world’ act. NB – there is a possibility that it was always like this, and I’m just more cynical now. Just seems like the choices are less inspired these days. A sign ‘o’ the times?

Let’s ignore Mumford’s blatant and uninspired re-brand (from cliché faux-country bumpkins to cliché faux-rockers, exact same songs!) and focus on GC. They sure have a hard time containing themselves into their allocated slot! It’s hard fitting several P-Funk classics into 4 minutes – especially on top of each other, but messy as it is the set was probably the most bombastic thing on the show by far.

As much as I love having (and repeatedly missing!) the opportunity to see P-Funk live in London every year, it is a little sad that (what I interpret as) George’s necessity to tour out of unpaid royalties, and subsequently he’s constantly promoting something. But perhaps he’s just never lost the love for it.



Flying Lotus/Kendrick Lamar – Eyes Above (Unreleased)


You’re Dead! was pretty much one of the only records I actually got last year – and in terms of FlyLo’s Jazz-Fusion-Electronic-Spirit-Quest it’s out there, man! Super cool, super trippy (check that artwork!). The Kendrick Lamar collab got a lot of press when it dropped originally (for good reason) but I’m quite excited to find this unreleased cut. You can’t usually have too much of a good thing!

Strange People EP OUT NOW!!!

The long overdue official debut from Wilsoni Tha’ Funk Masta, the Strange People EP is now available anywhere you can think of as a digital download or stream!

If you’re digging on it, support the artist direct and buy from Bandcamp.

The lead single features Soul Diva in-the-making Leanne Robinson, and has been a long time coming – so I hope you dig it!